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Hire Me: Writing Specialist

Updated: Mar 11, 2022


I. Do you have a writing goal and need some direction? I’m here to help.

II. If you’re struggling with writer’s block, I’ll help you find your flow again.

III. Ready to complete your prose manuscript? I’ll happily copyedit your pages.

IV. Are you considering publishing? I’ll advise you on traditional publishing, agent shopping, self-publishing, and journal submission.

V. Preparing for an artist talk? I’ll review your slides and talking points.

VI. Interested in writing about art? I’ll teach you how to look at art and what it takes to write publishable ekphrases.

VII. Are you writing personal statements for college? I’ll help you write essays that sell.

VIII. Ready to write your life? I’ll coach you on art of autobiographical writing.

XI. Poets with a manuscript in process, would you benefit from an expert’s advice on how to prepare it for publication? Let me know.

X. Writer, are you looking for other services not specified here? Contact me for resources.

I hold an MFA in creative writing (with two secondary emphases—literature and literary editing and design), and I’ve worked in the literary industry for over 20 years. My approach unites consulting with coaching and advising. I will provide individualized services, meet every agreed-upon deadline, and support your writing and publishing goals.

Contact me: janeebaugher (at) gmail (dot) com.

I’m looking forward to working with you! —JJB

Rate: $50/hour


Ms. Baugher’s reading of my manuscripts has been absolutely invaluable. An essayist and a poet herself, she translates this as an editor with who has both ear for language and a sense for pacing. What I have appreciated about working with Janée over the years is her ability to draw out an overall vision in early drafts coupled with her keen focus on tightening craft as projects progress. This is perhaps her greatest gift as an editor: understanding the writer's process, and understanding the different needs we have at different stages. Specifically, her recent attention to a novel manuscript that was nearing completion helped me work through troubled sections and zero in on the center of the project, and with Baugher’s help, I was able to get to contract, transforming the pages from manuscript to book. If you choose to work with her, be ready to commit deeply to your pages--she will not accept anything less. (Wendy)

Ms. Baugher an accomplished and well-published writer of creative non-fiction, poetry, and essays, recently reviewed my creative writing manuscript in progress. She gave me an overview of the project, and recommended that I change the focus of the collection to concentrate on a theme that was evident once she drew it out, but one that would not have occurred to me. This enabled me to engage in a thoughtful revision, and to complete the manuscript in a timely manner. She did a close reading of my work; she was well versed in terms of both the content and style of each page. Her comments included specific revisions, deletions of certain pieces, places for further development, and line by line edits. I found her advice on content particularly helpful in terms of the manuscript’s integrity as a whole. Thanks to Ms. Baugher’s articulate and generous input, I have now found a publisher and can move forward with this project. I highly recommend her services. (Judith)

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